More than ever our leadership, innovation, marketing and sales teams need the right communication strategy to help them engage, educate, and inspire action around life-changing ideas. 

How We Started 

“I always loved to read and lose myself in a story, and I was writing my own stories before I could spell correctly. But, it wasn’t until I read Winter of our Discontent by John Steinbeck that I realized the psychological and emotional power of story. How could I, a teenage girl, understand what it was like to be a middle-aged man living in the 1960s trying to provide for his family? What was this magic that I could experience someone else’s thoughts, feelings, and actions as though they were my own? I wanted to master that magic. I wanted to help people feel, experience, and learn beyond their personal experiences to better create a connection and empathy between people. I wanted to be a storyteller. 

“Against many people’s advice, I invested my college years studying screen writing, creative writing, logic, psychology of memory and behavior. It ended up being one of my best decisions. This continuous study of stories and how they influence beliefs and behaviors, paired with work for digital agencies and big data companies, provided the analytics know-how to apply user behavior data against storytelling techniques. This method combines the engaging qualities of fiction with marketing, a much-needed shift as social media and other technology changes how people are engaged and influenced by content. 

“That’s how I started Moxie Blue Media, a storytelling and communication consultancy. We work with thought leaders and brands in technology such as cyber security and artificial intelligence to help them educate, engage, and inspire action using communication techniques like story. “

– Katherine R. Dollar, Moxie Blue Media founder

About Our Teams

We work with specialized teams to develop the creative assets for specific content types and experiences. We can work with your in-house team or other vendors, or use our creative partners.

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