Develop a brand that is unique, complex, identifiable, memorable, and action inspiring.

Moxie Blue Media helps companies craft a brand persona and share the corresponding stories that develop brand identity, company culture, and customer loyalty.

Don’t see the branding services you want? Share your branding challenges and we’ll develop deliverables specific to your needs.

Brand Style Guide

Create a unique, consistent, and expressive persona that sets the foundation for how people perceive the brand. This deliverable includes guidelines for images, fonts, language/voice, media layouts, and more.

Brand Mission Statement

A brand is only as strong as the mission. Craft a simple and powerful mission statement and the story behind it to inspire employees, partners, customers, and the world.

Brand Storybook

The brand storybook shows the full story of how your brand helps customers, fits into its industry, and how the industry fits into the larger story of what’s happening in the world. This visual and story-centered documentation of history, target audiences, competitors, and industry ecosystems add context and value around your brand solutions and people.

Brand Stories

Brand stories strategically reveal information to deepen an audience’s awareness, engagement, connection, and loyalty. Stories may be developed as documentaries, graphic novels, videos, oral presentations, or images for offline and online sharing. Brand stories entertain while showing the brand exemplifies the values, experiences, skill sets, creativity, and humanity it claims to possess.